Each person has his own nature.

But when it comes to skin and skin, every skin has its own nature and every skin adapts differently to the surrounding conditions.

There are some disorders that may affect the skin and make it need treatment, and stretching of the skin is one of the disorders that affect the skin.

Every skin has the ability to stretch, but there are some skin types that get disturbed when the skin is stretched, leaving lines and marks in the skin.

In the next article, we will learn about the treatment of stretch marks.

Some conditions and external factors that work to stretch the skin may occur.

The skin is a cover that covers the entire body to protect the body from many dangers, and the skin cells are constantly renewed.

But when the body stabilizes and stops growing, the skin remains stable as well, and with age and the lack of secretion of some hormones, the body becomes more susceptible to some problems caused by aging.

But whether with age or not, the body, especially the skin, has a certain ability to stretch.

With some conditions such as weight gain or weight loss, the skin becomes stretched.

This stretching may cause a negative effect on the skin, causing some defects to appear in the skin, such as stretch marks and cracks in the skin.

stretch marks

Stretch marks are parallel lines that appear on the skin

It is characterized by having one direction, meaning that the lines appear in the same area in one direction, and that direction is often longitudinal.[1].

These signs occur for many reasons and risk factors that cause the appearance of stretch marks at a greater rate than others, such as:

  • Genetic factors.
  • Gender, as women are more susceptible to infection than men.
  • Pregnancy, especially for young women.
  • Obesity and overweight.
  • Continuing to gain weight and lose weight.
  • Taking certain medications such as cortisone.
  • Undergoing breast surgeries, especially if it was a tumor removal surgery.
  • Having Cushing’s syndrome, Marfan syndrome, or some other genetic disorder.

How to avoid stretching the skin?

Skin stretching can be avoided by maintaining the body and avoiding tightening the skin, and weight gain should also be avoided because weight gain is one of the most common causes of skin stretching.

While if you are suffering from excess weight, you should take care of moisturizing and increasing the elasticity of the skin while following the diet and healthy ways to help lose weight naturally.[2].

As for pregnant women, if you want to avoid getting stretch marks, you must maintain your weight well during pregnancy.

You can follow up with a specialist doctor to maintain the appropriate weight for you without shortening the diet.

You can also use some creams that increase the elasticity of the skin and stimulate collagen in the skin to avoid the appearance of these signs after childbirth.

The most common places for stretch marks to appear

These signs can appear in the following areas

  • In the arms near the armpit area.
  • In the stomach.
  • upper thighs.
  • top rear.
  • on either side of the abdomen.

All of these areas are mostly areas where fat accumulates.

You should be very careful when losing weight and you should not gain weight at all so as not to risk the appearance of these signs.

Skin stretching treatment

There are many modern methods used to treat stretch marks, such as:

plastic surgery

Plastic surgery has entered into many different fields and in some difficult cases, plastic surgery may be resorted to.

But it is still expensive, so this solution is not used only when needed, even if it is possible.

Stomach stapling can also get rid of stretch marks.

laser treatment

It is also one of the advanced treatments in many fields[3].

As for stretch marks, the laser tightens sagging skin and gets rid of stretch marks easily.

But the sessions that stimulate the tissues around the stretch marks must be attended to to make them recover faster.

Treatment for these sessions often takes months.

Use of fine needles

It is one of the types of modern treatments that are used in beauty centers.

But it can also be used at home, and micro-needles are a technique that stimulates collagen in the skin and stimulates the layers of the skin to heal, and micro-needles penetrate the outer layers.

It makes a simple prick in the skin to stimulate blood circulation as well.

This method stimulates the cells in the skin to regenerate and get rid of damaged cells, which helps to return the skin to its natural state.

Some tools such as the dermapen and the derma roller are used to perform such tasks.

The derma roller contains micro-needles that help treat stretch marks in the skin and tighten the skin.

Use creams for the skin

There are some creams that get rid of lines in the body and work to tighten the skin as well, such as Medi-Peel Melanon cream.

It increases the elasticity of the skin and acts as a prevention against the appearance of those lines.

It also works to eliminate lines that appear on the face and body.

It can also be used in sensitive places because it is made of natural materials and extracts.


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armpit whitening cream

Using devices that help tighten the body and get rid of lines

There are also devices that help the body and face to tighten, such as the DermaPure Skin Scrubber.

It works on skin exfoliation and the peeling technique is one of the most effective techniques in getting rid of stretch marks as well.

You can use a cream to remove stretch marks in the skin and use a peeling device to do a massage and exfoliation of the skin and stimulate the skin to absorb the cream as well.

This device is very effective in getting rid of skin blemishes.


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