There are many skin diseases that cause pain and inflammation of the skin.

With the spread and diversity of injuries and diseases, many terms have appeared for these diseases, and one of the skin diseases is lichen.

It is a skin disease that causes inflammation and pain in an area of ​​the body or some areas as well.

If a person suffers from lichen, he should definitely follow up with the doctor to use the appropriate treatment for his condition.

But the spots caused by lichen often leave a mark on the body, where the skin spots turn dark, which causes a problem in the body and dark spots appear.

But there is a treatment for these spots through the use of skin-lightening creams and unifying their color.

Like Medi-Peel Melanon cream

If you suffer from skin problems.

You should be careful not to use the different products in the market because most of the products contain chemicals, which puts you at risk of infection and exposure to the side effects of the products.

Therefore, you should choose reliable products that do not contain side effects and do not cause any side effects.

Lichen is one of the skin diseases that causes the appearance of inflamed spots on the skin, and these spots cause the skin to feel itchy

These spots appear on the arms and feet without the rest of the body and appear in the form of flat spots of pink or purple color [1].

Lichen facts

  • The lichen does not cause infection, but is considered a defect in the skin.
  • There are still no clear causes for lichen.
  • The incidence of lichen is very low, the incidence does not exceed 1% of the population.
  • People who are deficient in vitamin C are considered to be most at risk of developing lichen.
  • Medications that treat lichen are similar to allergy treatments in that they contain anthestamine and steroid creams.

lichen treatment

In most cases, no medication or treatment for lichen may be prescribed. Once these spots appear, they often disappear after a while.

But treatment methods are often resorted to when a person is exposed to the emergence of many spots that spread in large areas of the body.

Symptoms are treated through the use of allergy creams and some other treatments such as injections and medications.

The treatment may take several months, or it may even reach two years if the case is severe.

Some types of rays and ultraviolet waves can be used to reduce symptoms, while anti-inflammatory and allergy creams can also be used to treat flare-ups and inflammation.

Side effects after getting rid of lichen spots

Lichen and many skin problems such as pimples and pimples often leave side effects, skin spots and pigmentation, which causes a bad appearance of the skin.

Mostly after the inflammation in the skin ends, the place of the inflamed spots becomes darker in color and different from the skin [2].

The skin may not return to normal until after a long time, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin.

Therefore, there are some safe products that you can use to unify the color of the skin and to get a natural and fresh skin, such as:

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