Skin and face care is one of the most important basics that all women in particular care about.

Facelift is one of the new techniques used to combat the signs of aging.

People often pay more attention to facial care because the face determines the overall appearance of a person.

The face is the most noticeable of the body, as the face is always visible and clear to people and the public.

While the body may cover different clothing and for many people.

The face is the basis that must be taken care of, and the face is one of the most delicate parts, which often may be exposed to the emergence of problems as a result of its continuous exposure to various factors, more than other parts of the body.

Also, the face is one of the most aging places, so many people work to get rid of facial defects.

The sagging and wrinkles that appear in the face often cause inconvenience and people who suffer from wrinkles and sagging in the face try to do tricks that hide these problems.

There are some tricks that work temporarily, like makeup.

Some other tricks that work to get rid of this problem permanently.

In this article, we will present the different face-lift techniques that work to get rid of wrinkles and sagging on the face permanently.

There are some reasons why some people resort to a facelift, such as:

  • getting older
  • Facial sagging due to genetic factors.
  • Some diseases and bruises may cause sagging of the skin.
  • Unevenness of the face.
  • Disturbance in the elasticity of the skin.

Permanent face lift methods

There are many methods used to lift the face.

Some of these methods may have negative effects and some may be ineffective.

We will show the most used methods of face lifting permanently and we will show the best way to tighten the face without exposure to side effects [1].

First: Facelift by laser

The laser is one of the means used in many fields, such as skin peeling, fat burning, face and body tightening and contouring.

The laser can tighten the sagging of the neck, face and neck [2].

There are many centers that use laser instead of resorting to surgical and other solutions.

The laser makes ultrasound waves that generate heat to the skin to a certain degree to help stimulate collagen in the skin that works to tighten the skin and these waves enter the layers of the skin to obtain the maximum possible result.

You can get a noticeable result after 3 months of regular sessions as prescribed by the specialist.

Advantages of a facelift by laser

  • Effective and guaranteed result.
  • You do not need a lot of settings to make the session.
  • The result is fast compared to other techniques.

Disadvantages of facelift by laser

  • very expensive.
  • Not available in all places.
  • May cause side effects, especially when exposed to the sun after performing the session.

Secondly, the use of massage to tighten the face

Massage is one of the techniques used to relax the muscles, and facial massage can be used to relax the tight muscles that cause lines and wrinkles later on.

There are some steps that are followed, the cheeks are massaged in the direction of the ear and the side lines of the chin and neck are massaged as well.

Massage stimulates blood circulation and stimulates the skin to secrete collagen, which works to tighten the skin.

Some tools are used to massage and tighten the face, such as the derma roller, the golden roller, and some other tools known as the face lift.

Advantages of using a face-lifting massage

  • It works to relax the face.
  • It solves some other problems such as pimples and pimples.
  • Naturally stimulates collagen production.
  • It is considered one of the best solutions to tighten the face.

Disadvantages of using a face lift massage

  • He needs to allocate time to undergo massage sessions.
  • Its result is slow.
  • Other than home care methods, it can be difficult to get into the routine.
  • Massage sessions are often expensive, especially if you are going to do the sessions regularly.

Third: The use of natural masks to tighten the face

Natural masks are one of the oldest ways to tighten the face.

There are some ready-made clamps that work to tighten the face.

But it is preferable to use natural masks, as they are considered inexpensive, and you can introduce some natural ingredients and use them to massage the skin.

You will get a massage and moisturize your skin.

It stimulates collagen in the skin, which works to tighten the face, and examples of materials and masks used to tighten the face.

  • Lemon and honey.
  • olive oil.
  • Coconut Oil.

You can also use massage tools to stimulate the skin to absorb these elements, such as the DermaPure device.

Which stimulates the skin to absorb nutrients from the skin.


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Fourth: the use of creams

There are many creams that work to tighten the skin, such as Medi-Peel Melanon cream

It is one of the creams used to tighten the skin and get rid of lines on the face. It also works to lighten the skin and get rid of many skin defects.


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armpit whitening cream

Fifth: Using skin-tightening devices

It is one of the modern technologies that use a home device that works to tighten the face, peel it and clean it through ultrasound

It also stimulates collagen and helps the skin absorb nutrients

You can apply a cream or one of the moisturizers or oils and pass the device on it to help the skin to benefit from the cream or nutrients better

The best of these devices is a device DermaPure Skin Scrubber

Which works to lighten the skin and get rid of blackheads, it is the best approved device for cleaning and exfoliating the skin as well.


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