The laser is one of the latest techniques used in permanent hair removal, and when it comes to facial hair, it is considered one of the essentials.

Because facial hair often causes discomfort and pain when removing it, most women use different methods to remove facial hair.

But most of these methods cause pain and inflammation of the face, and some girls and women may suffer from pimples and some problems in the face such as dry skin and the appearance of crusts and other problems.

Therefore, women are often looking for ways to get rid of hair permanently, and here comes the role of laser in getting rid of facial hair permanently.

And if you are going to undergo laser hair removal, you should know some facts about laser hair removal for the face

You must read and study the device that you will use and make sure that the device does not cause side effects and can be used on the face.

You can get many advantages by using laser to remove hair from the face, such as getting rid of the hair that grows under the skin and causes pimples, and this is one of the most common problems that the facial laser can get rid of, both in the face and the body.

The only solution to end the problems of facial hair removal methods is the laser. Wax, sweetness, and the use of wicks and tweezers are considered painful means and do not give a permanent result, while shaving and hair removal cream cause skin roughness and give a bad result. The hair quickly reappears after a day or two. .

Laser hair removal may seem painful, but to a minimum

Laser specialists explain that laser hair removal for the face may seem like a painful process, but this pain is very mild .

The laser pulses are light flashes that emit heat in a certain way to affect the hair follicles, causing damage, and as the sessions continue , the hair does not reappear again .

And the laser in the face and sensitive places may be a little painful, but this pain is not compared to other means of hair removal, as waxing and tweezers cause much more pain than laser sessions.

Bikini area hair removal


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Patience pays off with laser facials

Whether in the face or in the body, you have to be a little patient, the result appears after the start of the sessions, about three to four weeks and until you finish the sessions.

The hair gradually thins out so that the hair does not reappear, and you may need 8 to 12 sessions to obtain satisfactory results.

It may last for more than ten weeks of perseverance and perseverance, so it requires patience.

The laser reaches the root of the hair and works on damage, and this is achieved only by continuing the sessions and ending them all, and the sessions must be sequential to obtain the best result.

And the hair becomes softer and less visible every time.

The face must be shaved with a razor before starting the laser session

The laser does not affect the follicle unless it contains the hair root, so a haircut is done before the laser session.

And some may think that shaving hair may cause the hair to appear coarse and thicker, but with the laser work, the hair will become softer.

  • The laser session must take place within 24 hours of shaving so that the hair does not appear outside the skin.
  • Do not do wax sessions or use tweezers between laser sessions.
  • Exposure to the sun should be avoided during the laser sessions, and it should be avoided completely immediately after the session. Therefore, many people prefer to do facial laser sessions in the winter.
  • Avoid using tan creams and peelings on the face or body because they affect the skin, which may expose you to problems.

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Learn about the best laser hair removal devices at home

Laser sessions do not take time, as it is a quick process

The laser is one of the quick and painless methods, so you can finish the whole face session in 5 minutes or less as well.

The laser smoothens the face

Unlike many other methods, the laser makes the skin smooth and soft without hair, so you will be comfortable when you get the result, which is a face free of scales and hair.

You must stay away from the sun while the laser is working

Laser experts often advise to stay away from the sun during the laser sessions, and since the face is the most exposed area to the sun, it is preferable that you do these sessions in the winter because the sun is less visible.

The result of the laser varies from person to person

Although the laser is effective in removing hair, there are many types of hair, there are thin and thick hair.

Therefore, the response of the hair is different from one person to another, so some need six sessions, while others may need 8, 10 sessions or more.

The laser affects more people who have light skin and thick and dark hair.

You may need to use different cosmetics and creams

If you are undergoing laser sessions, you should think carefully about the products that you use on your skin, as it is preferable to use toners and anti-inflammatory creams after the session and for daily care.

Avoid exfoliating products that contain chemicals, and you should also avoid applying makeup because removing makeup and excessive rubbing may cause skin inflammation.

You have to treat your skin as sensitive because the laser session increases the sensitivity of the skin.

Laser hair removal has more than one benefit

Laser hair removal works to reduce and eliminate some types of pimples on the face, and it eliminates the hair that grows under the skin and makes the effect of shaving last longer.

Laser rids you of painful hair removal methods forever

Even after completing the laser sessions for a while, you will not need wax, tweezers and painful means.

For hair removal, laser hair removal eliminates the follicles and when the hair reappears.

It is smooth and using a razor from time to time is all you need because the hair does not reappear quickly.

The best facial hair removal device without any damage

If you are looking for a suitable device at the price and at the same time with high efficiency, the best device to use to remove facial and body hair is the BABYAMY device, which is suitable for all areas of the body, including the face, bikini, and sensitive and narrow places. This device is characterized by the following :

  • The price of the device is reasonable and much lower than many other devices.
  • Baby Aimee works with IPL safe technology on the face.
  • The design of the Baby Aimee device is suitable for removing hair from narrow places such as the chin and above the lips.
  • Baby Aimee does not cause any pain.
  • This device is suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • Black and dark skinned people can use the Baby Aimee device.
  • The size of the device is small and you can do the session anywhere.
  • The device saves the time and effort that these laser clinics drain in addition to the expenses.

Eyebrow laser device


You can order this device through the official website and get smooth and soft skin not only on the face but also on the body.


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