The immune system and corona vaccinesThe immune system is an integrated system, consisting of many organs, cells and tissues, all of which cooperate in protecting the body from all external and internal dangers, so the immune system is the strong fortress that the body relies on in the face of all the diseases it is exposed to, and the exposure of the immune system Same for any health problem that may be a threat to your entire health!

The truth about the relationship between the immune system and corona vaccines

Before starting to talk about the relationship of the immune system to the Corona virus vaccine, we will explain what Corona vaccines are.

Corona virus vaccine

The vaccine is the genetic code of the organism causing the infection, but in an inactive or weak and harmless form, and the vaccine for any infection is generally given to the person to prepare the body to confront that infection. We are fully prepared to eliminate it instead of the opposite. Therefore, there is a strong relationship between the immune system and corona vaccines

And as a natural result of the mechanism of the immune system’s work, which is to confront any infection that attacks the body and then form antibodies against this infection to protect the body from it and prepare to confront it more strongly if the attack is done again, receiving the Corona vaccine is like injecting the body with the Corona virus, but in its weak, non-fatal or harmful condition, Which qualifies the immune system to form an army of cells, tissues and proteins that can resist and confront the real virus if it is infected with it.

Therefore, the main dependence on the success of the work and efficiency of the Corona virus vaccine in the body, is the strength of the immune system and its rapid response.

Corona vaccine may protect you from infection .. But!

Studies and research conducted on Corona virus vaccines (Pfizer vaccine – AstraZeneca vaccine – Johnson & Johnson vaccine – and Sinofarm vaccine) have proven that the success rate of the vaccine’s work or its effectiveness to protect against infection with the Corona virus ranges between 66% to 95% (the percentage varies according to Vaccine, dose taken, health status)

Despite this, there are some symptoms that you may feel after taking the vaccine, including:

  • Pain with swelling at the injection site
  • continuous headache
  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Significantly high temperature

But these symptoms are not a problem, on the contrary, they indicate that the body has started its immune response to form antibodies against the virus, and it does not last for a long time, only a few days. If these symptoms persist or increase, you should consult a specialist.

Despite the confirmed percentages and clear results of the effectiveness of the Corona vaccine, no long-term side effects of the vaccine have been identified, and researchers and specialists are still working on this matter. In all cases, receiving the virus vaccine and taking the dose is important, and no matter how strong its short-term side effects are, it is much less than the risk of infection with the Corona virus.

But we must highlight once again the importance and role of the immune system in this process, if you knew that your immune system has a key role in the formation of antibodies and in the face of real virus infection, then there is no doubt that any problem that may face the immune system can inhibit the His role and efficiency in conducting his job properly!

This is what we are going to talk about now

Your immune system is responsible for how well the corona vaccine works

Dr. Beth Wallace says -Rheumatologist at Michigan Medicine- that there are some autoimmune diseases for which the patient uses some medications that suppress the immune system, including (rheumatoid arthritis and lupus ..) and in these cases the immune system may see some organs of the body as a threat to it Which leads him to attack her and cause damage..

There are other cases in which a person uses drugs that may suppress his immune system, such as cases of transplanting organs in the body. As well as excessive use of steroids, leads to inhibition of the immune system, all of these cases may cause the immune system to be unable to respond to the vaccine against the Corona virus.

However, despite the existence of such problems, what we should really realize is the importance of strengthening and maintaining the immune system and consulting the doctor as soon as you feel that there is any problem that may confront the immune system or reduce its performance and efficiency, and also the need to consult the treating doctor and follow his advice to receive the vaccine.


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