covid fingers

During the recent period, a number of people have reported an additional symptom of Corona, which is Covid toes.. People infected with Corona infection are exposed to swelling in the toes with blisters and redness!

The recent study that was conducted showed that Covid fingers are one of the new side effects of the Corona virus, and this symptom may appear as a result and reaction from the attack launched by the body to fight the Corona virus .. because the body turns into an attack mode in this case.

According to what was published by the British Journal of Dermatology, they explain that researchers have identified the parts of the immune system that are responsible for the appearance of these symptoms, and this may help to know the appropriate treatments for this problem to relieve its symptoms.

As for the fingers of Covid and its details .. it is swelling, redness, and painful and itchy blisters that may appear at any age and age, but they have noticed that this symptom is more related to children and adolescents who have been exposed to the Corona virus.

A group of people explained that this symptom may be painless.. but the majority explained that the rash that accompanies it and the blisters are very painful and itchy, and the swelling is annoying, especially when touched.

There is a case that was exposed to this problem during infection with the Corona virus .. She explained that this period was very difficult because with the appearance of this symptom known as “Covid fingers” she became unable to walk or even wear any shoes and that she resorted to a wheelchair!

That is why this side effect was the talk of most doctors and a puzzle to them.. because the affected skin, which is usually on the toes, may in some cases be red and others purple.. There will also be some painful and prominent bumps and the skin becomes rough, and some cases may suffer from Pus too!

This symptom may persist in affected people for months or even weeks, depending on the condition and the degree of the problem.

They have found that people with this symptom may not experience other common symptoms of coronavirus such as coughing, high temperature, and loss of sense of smell and taste!

The study explained its results, based on blood and skin tests, and said that this symptom is due to the immune system in the human body.. There are two parts in this system that may have the greatest role in the infection of this symptom. These parts of the immune system each have their own mechanisms to defend the body against viruses and infection, especially the coronavirus.

Some cases have been carefully studied.. Research and study are continuing in order to know more information about corona infection and its connection to swelling and redness of the fingers.

And Dr. “Evan Bristow” in the United Kingdom, explained that the problems of the feet, especially swelling and redness, occur frequently with cold and flu cases, because people in this period are exposed to circulatory problems and disappear on their own after recovery.

Some cases who are exposed to these problems may need medical treatment, whether with topical creams or other medications, but with the emergence and emergence of these cases and symptoms associated with the Corona virus, it will open the way for the development of specific and explicit treatments to treat these problems effectively, especially with the complications that some have been exposed to due to this problem.

Dr. Veronique Patai, a consultant dermatologist and spokesperson for the British Foundation for Dermatology, explained that many cases of Covid toes had been detected during the first waves of the Corona virus, but these cases were less common during the last delta wave.

The reason for the return of the rate of infection with this complication of the Corona virus may be due to the vaccination of large numbers of people and their protection in varying degrees from Corona infection.


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