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After conducting numerous studies and experiments and searching for a cure for depression, an experimental treatment for depression known as Accelerated Intelligent Neuromodulation Therapy (SAINT) – Stanford Neurotherapy – was used in a study conducted at Stanford University School of Medicine. This treatment is an intense form of transcranial magnetic stimulation.

As a result of using this method of treatment, it reflected positively on the individuals who were treated, as they reached a stage of remission usually within days and months, but some minor side effects appeared, which were temporary fatigue and headache.

Nolan Williams, assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and lead author of the study, which was published October 29 in the American Journal of Psychiatry, confirmed the success of the first experimental treatment for depression due to its rapid, non-invasive, and considered one of the advantages of the treatment.

FDA-approved transcranial magnetic stimulation (SAINT) therapy requires six weeks of once-daily sessions. SAINT works by targeting magnetic pulses according to each patient’s nerve circuits, delivering more pulses at a faster rate.

This treatment (SAINT) had many success stories as many people with long-term depression received this treatment, and after evaluation according to several characteristics after five days of treatment, about 78.6% of the participants survived to undergo treatment for depression!

Alan Schatzberg, MD, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, also praised how successful the treatment was.

Many of the people involved in receiving the first experimental treatment for depression confirmed the success of SAINT in treating their depression and recorded those results as success stories. One therapist, Tommy Van Brockley, 60, said he had suffered from depression since he was in Fifteen years old. However, he did not take any medication suitable for him and was having difficulty recovering because of what he was told, “You are not trying to get rid of depression hard enough.” And his response was always that he tried all those years, but it was really hard sometimes. And he took many medications used to treat depression, whose effect did not extend much, and some of those medications extended their effect for many years, but this effect soon ended, which made him think a lot about suicide!

But after his sister forced him to undergo SAINT and after he underwent treatment in September. He didn’t feel anything in the first days but after that this got better and after a few days he felt much better.

The ages of the participants in the experiment ranged from 22 to 80, who suffered from depression for nine years and tried to get rid of it with medications, which did not achieve any results with them!

But after they received SAINT and within four weeks after treatment, about 12 of the 14 participants who received the treatment improved.

Because the study participants felt a rapid improvement within a few days of starting SAINT, researchers are looking into the possibility of using this treatment to treat patients with major depression and crisis stage.

All those who underwent the first experimental treatment for depression confirmed that their feelings were different, and that they were thinking very positively and planning for a better future.


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