New nasal vaccine for Alzheimer's disease

After a long road of research of more than 20 years, the first explicit clinical trial of a new nasal vaccine for Alzheimer’s disease begins.

This vaccine works to prevent the development and progression of symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, and this was explained by Dr. “Howard Weiner”, a neurologist and the author of the experiment.

He also made it clear that during the past twenty years, he had collected a lot of evidence before the clinical trial stage… in order to make sure that the vaccine could be tested and used.

Initial indications indicate that the vaccine is safe and effective to a large extent.. and it will become an important treatment to slow down and treat Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. People can also use the nasal vaccine in order to prevent exposure to Alzheimer’s disease, especially for people who have signs of this disease and are at risk.

The effective factor in this vaccine is that it is used to stimulate the immune system in the human body, because it stimulates the white blood cells in the lymph nodes, and it also works to remove the protein that causes Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. “Tanuja Chitnis”, a principal researcher in the vaccine trial over the past years, also stressed that the evidence has confirmed that the body’s immune system has a major role in eliminating beta-amyloid, the protein responsible for Alzheimer’s disease. The vaccine can be likened to a new arm of the immune system to counter Alzheimer’s disease.

This experiment has opened a door of important experiments in different and new ways, not only for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, but also for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

During the first trial of the new nasal vaccine to treat Alzheimer’s disease, the clinical trial will be conducted on 16 patients between the ages of 60 and 85… who have early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, but their health is good.

They will be given two doses of the vaccine over two weeks.. at a dose per week, and the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine and the patient’s tolerance for the vaccine will be evaluated. It will also focus on its effects on the body’s immune responses, especially its effect on white blood cells.


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