The Egyptian Medicines Authority warned on one of the satellite channels of the “magic mixture injection,” or what some people call a cold injection! It is an injection that was invented to protect against colds or seasonal flu, and the Egyptian Ministry of Health confirmed that this injection does not help protect or treat colds.

There is no specific treatment for the common cold, but it is possible to take some medications and under the supervision of a specialized doctor to reduce the severity of symptoms, because each person differs from the other in treatment due to several conditions, which are the health status of the person, age and others.

As the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population clarified on its official Facebook page, the risks of syringing the magic mixture in its components, as it consists of: an antibiotic, cortisone, and a pain reliever, and of course there are damages and risks for each of them separately.

The antibiotic that is taken does not treat viruses as it is known, so there is no benefit from it. Rather, the frequent use of antibiotics without a need or a clear reason and without a plan makes the body resistant to it, so the antibiotic is not used later when needed.

As well as cortisone, its risks are varied and its effect harms a healthy person or a sick person! It is known that cortisone causes weak immunity, and therefore it is used in certain cases and in a certain proportion and quantity under the supervision of specialists, and its effect is harmful to diabetics and blood pressure patients.

It is also worth noting that the pain reliever should not be taken except in certain cases, as it has many complications, especially for heart patients, diabetes and asthma patients, so its use is in a specific proportion, and also because excessive use of painkillers ultimately harms the kidneys.

But due to the spread of colds or influenza, especially with the advent of winter, we advise you to take caution and adhere to the correct habits and wear appropriate clothes for this weather, and pay attention to eating healthy food and reducing foods and drinks that weaken immunity.

You can also rely on some natural herbs in a certain percentage to scare away cold symptoms as well as avoid mixing in public places because the viruses that cause cold and flu are easy to transmit from one person to another.


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