Treatment of shortness of breath in pregnant women is frequently sought because most pregnant women are exposed to cases of difficulty breathing for multiple reasons, the most important and most famous of which is the increased pressure of the uterus on the lungs, which leads to difficulty breathing naturally, in this article we discuss together the most important causes of shortness of breath for pregnant women and ways to get rid of shortness of breath during Pregnancy in simple steps.

Causes of shortness of breath during pregnancy

  • Psychological disorders, anxiety and stress that may accompany the pregnant woman throughout her pregnancy.
  • Decreased secretion of estrogen, one of the most important functions of which is to activate breathing points in the brain.
  • Increase in the volume of fluid surrounding the fetus.
  • The increase in the size of the fetus, which leads to an increase in the size of the uterus, which in turn puts pressure on the diaphragm, making the woman feel difficulty in breathing.
  • That the pregnant woman suffers from a respiratory problem from the beginning, such as chronic coughing problems, bronchitis, or asthma and allergy problems.

Home remedies in simple cases help you to a large extent to overcome this problem until the end of pregnancy, but if you do not find any improvement or result from these practices, you must go to the doctor, to help you with the necessary medications and treatments:

  • Do breathing exercises on a daily and regular basis, these exercises help you reduce stress and tension, and help expand blood vessels and airways, which leads to an increase in oxygen entering the body more. Also, making a slow exhale and slowly lowering your arms simultaneously, repeat the exercise several times.
  • Support your head with comfortable, high pillows while sleeping or relaxing, do not sleep directly on your back so that you do not feel short of breath.
  • Choose a comfortable sleeping position. Avoid sleeping on the back or stomach, but sleep on one of your sides. Preferably, the pregnant woman sleeps on the left side with the support of the head, abdomen, back and between the knees with comfortable pillows.
  • Inhale the steam for two minutes or more when you feel short of breath.
  • Do not do any strenuous work and take periods of rest between work periods so that you do not feel tired, as it is one of the causes of shortness of breath.
  • Go to your doctor to get breathing sessions to increase the percentage of oxygen in your body and help you breathe.

Herbal treatment for shortness of breath during pregnancy

Herbs also help you get better breathing. Consult your doctor before using any of the following herbs so as not to be dangerous to pregnancy:

guava leaves

Boiled guava leaves are used in ancient folk recipes to combat coughing and shortness of breath, and it is highly effective if taken daily.

pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice contains ascorbic acid, which helps you improve deep breathing.

Drink anise

Anise is one of the best herbs that can be taken to treat difficulty breathing.

green mint

Have a cup of green mint drink daily or inhale it improves breathing.

Inhaling natural roses

Walking daily in a flowering garden and inhaling natural roses from its gardens is the best way to obtain natural oxygen without any harm or side effects, as it is a safe method that you can follow if you suffer from shortness of breath.

Complications of shortness of breath

The natural symptoms of shortness of breath can be treated at home, but if you feel any of these symptoms, you should immediately go to the doctor:

  • A severe crisis and difficulty breathing.
  • Fingertips turning blue.
  • Change or irregular heartbeat.
  • Constant coughing for oxygen.


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