The prohibitions of pregnancy in the first months or the things that are forbidden to a pregnant woman in the first months of pregnancy we have collected for you in this article. The first weeks of pregnancy are the most dangerous and in which women are keen to follow all preventive measures to preserve the pregnancy and the fetus, the situation of pregnancy varies from one woman to another, there are women Their pregnancy is normal, and there are those who suffer from a critical pregnancy, and there are degrees between that according to the nature of each female and the nature of her pregnancy.

Pregnancy taboos in the first months

At first, I would like to tell you, my dear, that pregnancy is a natural stage that most females in the world go through, so do not be nervous or worried about something you ate or did in passing, pregnancy does not prevent you from doing anything as long as your general health is good, but you have to Know the things that affect pregnancy so that you do not do them continuously or are a habit of your daily habits, and among the most important prohibitions in the first period of pregnancy are the following:

Lack of medical follow-up

Medical follow-up is the first step that a pregnant woman must take care of after making sure of a positive pregnancy test. Some women rely on their previous pregnancy experience and take medications, stabilizers and vitamins for the first months without medical follow-up. Unfortunately, every pregnancy case has its own requirements for medications and treatment regimens, so you have to You know, my dear, that medical follow-up is very important to get the appropriate medical care from the medicines and advice your doctor tells you.

In addition, medical follow-up from the beginning helps you to start pregnancy correctly by following the doctor’s instructions, and detect abnormal pregnancies, God forbid, during follow-up with ultrasound, including ectopic pregnancy, for example.

Laziness about taking pregnancy medications

Pregnancy medications that the doctor prescribed to you is one of the most important steps that you must take at the beginning of pregnancy. Folic acid keeps your fetus healthy from abnormalities, and pregnancy stabilizers prevent you from falling into the problem of repeated warning miscarriages. Stick to the medications daily on fixed dates with commitment. Dosage according to doctor’s instructions.

aversion to food

I know that eating food for you in the case of your continuous suffering with nausea and aversion to the smell of food is torment for you, but this does not mean that you avoid eating all foods, because your fetus and you also need all the nutrients, eat the food that you are not alienated from or from Smell: You can eat plant-based protein if the smell of meat and chicken bothers you, but don’t leave the food alone.

binge eating

Binge eating is a well-known condition among some pregnant women, due to hormones, some pregnant women tend to increase the desire to eat to the point of binge eating, unlike some pregnant women who suffer from nausea. You feel pregnant.

Doing violent sports

Normal daily movement is not prohibited for the pregnant woman, and it is okay to practice walking, swimming or any kind of light non-stressful movement, while pregnant women are prohibited from violent sports such as self-defense sports, long-distance running and high jumping.

Giving in to a bad mental state

The bad psychological state affects the fetus because of the reason, and although the causes of the bad psychological state may be the pregnancy hormones themselves, surrendering to them is unhealthy.

Eating foods that are dangerous to pregnancy

Some foods are forbidden for pregnant women to eat, such as processed meat and foods that contain preservatives such as chips, etc., and some canned foods and others may affect pregnancy.


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