Healing cancer patientsA new drug that gives hope to all cancer patients, as cancer patients were cured through a very successful clinical trial, but does this really give hope to all cancer patients?! We will explain all the details to you in the following news.

In a first and unique trial, a drug was announced for the treatment of cancer, after a successful clinical trial in the United States on a number of rectal cancer patients.

This experiment was conducted on a small number of cancer patients, numbering 12 patients, all patients were diagnosed with rectal cancer, and during the experiment they were treated with a course of medication for a period of six months using the immune drug “dostarlimab”.

After the results of this experiment, which resulted in the recovery of all 12 patients, the doctors supervising the study announced that the results they obtained occur for the first time in the history of cancer treatment. This is a real achievement and a good omen for what is to come in the field of scientific research to treat the dreaded disease of cancer.

As for the drug that was used in this scientific trial, “dostarlimab”, it is a treatment and an immunomodulatory drug, mainly used to treat endometrial cancer, and this trial was the first trial to reveal its effectiveness against rectal cancer.

This drug works to detect and identify cancerous cells of the immune system in order to recognize and eliminate them, that is, this drug does not directly fight cancer, but rather supports the immune system to work with the efficiency required to eliminate cancerous tumors, and during the experiment this drug was given to patients every 3 weeks for a period of 6 months .

The treatment course for these patients was scheduled to be supplemented with chemotherapy and medical surgeries according to each case, but what happened after that was the disappearance of the cancer in the patients after six months of taking the immunotherapy, and no tumor was visible to the doctors by any means to detect the disease, whether physical or CT scan or endoscopy;

As for the start date of this large scientific and medical experiment, it took place two years ago, and so far none of the participants in it has suffered or shown any symptoms of cancer, and none of them has received radiological, chemical or other surgical treatment since the experiment was conducted on them.

We come to the most important point now, which is, does this drug really give real hope to all cancer patients? Can it eliminate all types of cancer?

The truth is that despite the real and unprecedented achievement in the experience of curing cancer patients, this drug was tested on a very small number of patients, and all of them were suffering from the same condition, which is rectal cancer, meaning that it was not tested on all other types of cancer.

The experiment was also conducted on patients with rectal cancer who suffer from tumors with genetic mutations known as “MMRd”, and these mutations are common in patients with rectal cancer by 5 to 10%. This category of patients does not respond to radiotherapy or chemotherapy at the desired rates, and this makes them need surgical treatment to eradicate the tumor, but fortunately, these genetic mutations are more responsive to immunotherapy than others, and this is what the experiment played on by enhancing immunity with the drug “dostarlimab”.

However, although the side effects that appeared on patients during their treatment experience are considered minor and minor, these effects are not yet clear and the various adverse reactions of the drug have not been fully tested. It is also not clear for now whether the participants in the experiment were actually cured or not, because the time period for knowing the final results of the experiment is not yet known.

Therefore, the organizers of this scientific study explained and warned not to take these results as a definitive conclusion to eliminate cancer once and for all, because this requires broader studies and on a larger number of cancer patients of all kinds.

These analyzes on the medical scene now, do not reduce the success of the study, despite its smallness, but it is convincing and has produced great results in the field of cancer treatment, but it needs more research, study and clinical trials on a large scale. Until then, the situation remains as it is based on the current treatment approach for cancer patients.


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