The best anti-aging creams to delay the effects of time

The best anti-aging creams to delay the effects of time

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To counter the signs of aging and have healthy skin, anti-aging cream (sometimes called anti-wrinkle) is one of the essential treatments to include in our beauty routine. Advice and selection.

As time passes, skin aging is inevitable. And although there is no question of stopping this process, it is possible to slow down its visible effects on the skin by adopting a well-established skincare routine. And among the flagship products that exist in cosmetics, the anti-aging cream takes pride of place and is part of our vanity case. But what are its real benefits? How to choose it well or apply it? We asked our questions to Dr Alexandre, Vichy dermatologist and scientific consultant.

What are the benefits of anti-aging creams?

First of all, it is good to remember that to prevent the visible signs of aging, anti-aging care is not everything. It is therefore essential to have a healthy lifestyle, to clean and moisturize your skin well on a daily basis and above all to protect it from the harmful effects of the sun. The anti-aging cream can then complete the process with preventive and/or curative action. The first (the most important according to the expert) makes it possible to “prevent and therefore delay the effects of aging on the skin”. It has a huge impact on the general appearance of the skin by delaying the appearance of signs of aging, but also by improving the radiance of the complexion, the texture of the skin or by countering redness, skin spots and other skin imperfections. The second, for its part, “aims to correct, to a lesser extent, certain signs of aging already established such as sagging skin or fine lines,” explains the expert.

What are anti-aging creams made of?

The preventive and/or curative actions of an anti-aging cream result from the incorporation of certain active ingredients into cosmetic formulas. The expert lists 5 for us.

The star active ingredients of anti-aging formulas

According to the expert, “retinol and vitamin C are the pillars of an anti-aging routine”. The first (as well as all these derivatives) acts on the different layers of the skin and has several actions: the synthesis of collagen, the activation of skin renewal, the maintenance of firmness and radiance of the skin, as well as anti-stain and anti-acne properties. The second is in the spotlight thanks to “its undeniable antioxidant action which has a strong preventive effect on free radicals”, specifies the expert. We also note its action on the production of collagen as well as on skin spots and the radiance of the complexion.

Other anti-aging active ingredients

Other active ingredients also stand out in the aging cosmetic sector. The expert discusses exfoliating acids such as AHA, BHA or PHA which have an action on cell renewal, which affects the beauty of the skin by promoting the radiance of the complexion, smoothing the skin texture and depigmentation. skin spots. Hyaluronic acid as an “excellent moisturizer” is also introduced into the formulas. Finally, vitamin B3 takes part in the ranking. “If alone, it does not have specific virtues, mixed with other active ingredients, it can accentuate the benefits,” according to the expert. And to give an example: “Coupled with retinol, it increases the tolerance of the treatment thanks to its soothing properties”.

How to choose your anti-aging cream?

But then, in the anti-aging cream aisle, what to choose? The expert's answer is simple: “the cream suitable for our skin type and its main problem”. The goal is to prioritize action so as not to accumulate creams and mix active ingredients at the risk of causing unsightly and uncomfortable or even painful skin reactions.

To begin, the expert gives some concrete examples:

  • Vitamin C is a good first anti-aging active ingredient. It can be started at age 25, because it has a good preventive action thanks to its antioxidant properties.
  • Retinol is very suitable for acne-prone skin. If, on the other hand, our skin does not show any signs of acne, this active ingredient will enter the routine later, around around age 35.
  • AHAs are particularly suitable for oily and dull skin.

The right steps to properly apply your anti-aging cream

An anti-aging cream (like all other treatments) is applied to previously cleansed and makeup-removed skin. It comes after the anti-aging serum. Furthermore, gestures can have an additional beneficial effect in relation to the effectiveness of the treatment. You must be careful not to traumatize the skin by adopting gentle gestures from the inside to the outside of the face, without forgetting the neck and décolleté.

Our selection of the best anti-aging creams

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