the anti-waste platform of the best beauty brands accessible to all

the anti-waste platform of the best beauty brands accessible to all

Sustainable, premium beauty at your fingertips

Following a friendly crush over coffee on a Sunday afternoon, this idea for an anti-waste cosmetics platform finally came to life in October 2023. Intacte is the little “jewel” of Gabrielle and Olivia, the two founders. , a bold bet that offers luxury beauty products at low prices.

This website brings together all the beauty products “forgotten” by the big brands and offers them at more advantageous prices. It is now possible to treat yourself to products from the best brands even if you are a student or on a small budget and without causing the planet to suffer too much. offers ephemeral sales lasting 7 to 15 days with exclusive offers changing every week depending on brands and stock. Promotions can go up to 70% off the price displayed in store.

Although intact, these products are discarded for marketing or image reasons: small packaging defects, approaching expiry dates, etc. Carefully selected by the Intacte teams, these Items are tested by teams to ensure an optimal customer experience.

The start-up Intacte is supported by the L’Oréal group, via its acceleration program at Station F, which is also 100% committed to the environment. Saving products from destruction helps reduce the waste of unsold items, an eco-responsible approach that is becoming increasingly popular.

Where did the idea come from?

It was Gabrielle, when she worked in a large beauty group, who witnessed the astronomical volumes of products wasted every year by brands: obsolete and unsold items represent approximately the equivalent of 6.5% of the figure. business of brands. Powerless in the face of this insane situation, she meets Olivia and decides to build a solution together to bring change to this industry. Launched last October, Intacte has already collaborated with several well-known brands in the field of beauty and well-being such as Day+, D-Lab, The Manucurist, La Crème Libre and Blissim. It is a platform that specializes in the second life of beauty products exclusively and the founders want it to remain vertical in order to maintain a cutting-edge customer experience, in the codes of beauty and luxury.

How are the products selected?

In France, the AGEC law (anti-waste and circular economy) prohibits the destruction of valid unsold products in order to encourage reuse or donation. All the products you find on intacte are 100% valid and intact. A name chosen with care since it perfectly embodies the concept. The co-founder declares that she conveys a more positive image of the brands to customers, particularly younger generations.

On intact, you will find products that have small visible aesthetic defects such as a scratch on the packaging, they may have different packaging that does not correspond to the current range. It is also possible that the product has an expiry date approaching (> 6 months) and that the brand is in a hurry to sell it. Old unsold boxes or limited editions are also put back on sale.

With great transparency, Intacte explains on each product sheet the history of these “forgotten little ones” and why they end up at the end of the chain. The brands, in accordance with the values ​​conveyed, are committed alongside intact in this eco-responsible approach. It’s a virtuous circle where everyone wins: brands, customers and the planet.

Products of the moment

Discovery box from Voilà – €22.88 (instead of €69.70)

Voila is a summer cosmetics brand. Specially designed for summer, this box takes care of your skin every day. Consisting of a self-tanning mousse, five reusable cotton pads and a travel set, you’ll be ready to head out into the sun. Find tanned and hydrated skin so you can wear beautiful dresses all year round. This product, which is aimed at everyone, is available at Intacte due to the discontinuation of the brand.

Immunity shots from Unique – €24.50 (instead of €35)

Unique has developed vitamin shots to boost your immunity, your sleep or your energy. To include in your daily routine, this slow care is THE beauty secret par excellence for beautiful skin. A healthy body is reflected directly on the skin. A brighter complexion, a fresher look and a boost of pep. With a vital element like water, these drinking capsules are made from royal jelly (honey), propolis, echinacea, shitake, ginger and ginseng. Sport a shock immune system for the start of spring. These 30 ampoules are available on Intacte due to a change in packaging.

The trio of masks and cleansing treatments from Lao Care – €54 (instead of €72)

A delicate alliance between science and nature to enhance your hair. Lao Care offers the Cameline mask and cleansing treatment trio for sparkling hair. 100% natural in origin, these treatments are aimed at all hair types and adapt according to your hair fiber. Find solid haircare for hydrated, detoxified and fortified hair. A creamy and smooth texture with the sweet scent of hemp, lemon balm, nettle and camelina. Unique patented formulas that take care of your hair. These products are available at Intacte due to a change in packaging and a production stoppage of certain products.

The nourishing shampoo routine from Lao Care – €37.50 (instead of €50)

The best of hair science for healthy, hydrated hair. Enriched with proteins, nettle and hemp hydrosol, your hair will be shinier after application. These products are dedicated to dry ends and oily roots for proven effectiveness. Your hair fiber will be less stressed (and yes!) and therefore, they will be more supple and lighter. To be found directly on Intacte for reasons of a change of packaging and a product discontinuation.

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