The secrets to maintaining the beauty of your hair after a trip to the hairdresser

The secrets to maintaining the beauty of your hair after a trip to the hairdresser

As soon as you leave the salon, your hair is dazzling, supple and impeccably styled. However, this result seems to disappear after a simple shampoo at home. Fortunately, Julien Lacroix, trainer at Franck Provost, shares his infallible tip for maintaining perfect hair every day.

Hairdressers have golden hands. They have the ability to tame our hair, while we don't always succeed. At the end of an appointment with the hairdresser, our hair is always soft, shiny, supple… In short, it is impeccable. No frizz in sight. Then comes the dreaded moment: washing your hair at home a few days later. We know full well that after our hair care and blow-drying, we will not find our look when we left the hairdresser. To our great despair… In order to remedy this, and to discover the secret that makes the difference, Here is asked questions to Julien Lacroix, trainer Franck Provost.

Advice from a Franck Provost trainer for shiny hair even at home

Because we want to understand why and how our hair is not as perfect as when it passes through the hands of a hairdresser, Julien Lacroix tells us more. We took stock with this hair expert during an interview.

  • Why when we leave the hairdresser, is our hair shinier, more voluminous, and frizz-free than after washing and blow-drying at home?

“What you need to know is that when you go to the hairdresser, you trust a professional who is an expert in his field. Before doing your styling, the hairdresser will have taken care to ask you about your habits and your desires, to be certain that what he is going to do to you fully suits you. Your hair is more shiny and voluminous because the hairdresser will have taken care to style it with very specific tools and he will have selected the necessary products adapted to your hair type, to allow him to enhance the result and thus, satisfy you.”

  • Do the products used by professionals make the difference?

“It may of course be the case that the products used are to blame. By choosing them alone without professional advice, it is possible to take a product that will not be ideally suited to our hair type. Often too rich or of inferior quality to professional products. A product, even suitable for your hair, can also be used incorrectly when you are not used to it. (poor rinsing, application at the root of treatments, or too abundant application).”

  • Is the hair washing technique also different?

“Indeed, the technique of making shampoo is different when it is made by a professional than by oneself. Generally, the hairdresser performs two shampoos consecutively and takes care to massage your scalp well to deeply cleanse your hair but also your scalp. Which results in lightness to the hair, making it easier to comb and a scalp that breathes. To make a good shampoo at home like a real pro, I advise you to distribute the shampoo well all over your skull and Massage the scalp with your fingertips in circular motions to be sure to cover the entire head. It is important to repeat the operation a second time to thoroughly wash your hair. (For people who tend to to wash their hair every day, one shampoo may be enough).”

How to properly style your hair at home?

  • How does the styling method come into play?

“The styling method is important, since it will allow you to give shape and shine to the hair. To easily style your hair at home, I advise you to choose your tools carefully. A light but powerful hair dryer, a round brush whose diameter will be adapted to the length of your hair (the longer the hair, the larger it will be). As for gestures, the key is to do well pre-dry your hair for easy styling, Hair must be slightly damp to begin styling. For even more volume, direct the air from your hair dryer upwards. Also a curling iron (a little more technical to use) or plates can be powerful allies, just be careful of temperatures that are too high ideally do not exceed 190°C and protect your hair with a thermal protectant.”

  • What is the secret to finding that shiny hair that we love when we leave the hairdresser?

“The secret to having hair that looks like you just left the hairdresser is taking a moment to take care of yourself, which will allow you to pay attention to your hair in the bathroom. It will look good on you. Use professional and appropriate products and take the right actions. To guarantee the success of all these steps, what I can advise you is not to hesitate ask your hairdresser about the method he uses to comb your hair.”

We have the hair of our dreams!

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