This treatment for a natural tanned complexion is available in pharmacies

This treatment for a natural tanned complexion is available in pharmacies

What if you could achieve a perfectly tanned complexion with the application of a simple cream? We have found the new summer beauty ally for you.

This treatment for a natural tanned complexion is available in pharmacies and is already going viral

When you have fair skin, have difficulty taking on color, or simply want to give yourself a healthy glow, it is not always easy to find the right ideal product. While some will turn to self-tanner, which often tends to leave unwanted marks, others will opt for more natural products, without an orange finish.

How to enhance your complexion?

As reported by our colleagues from French Vogue, a product is causing a sensation and is already sold in pharmacies – making shopping easier. Indeed, to have a tanned complexion in a few seconds, it is better to opt for a makeup-care product. And this is the formula that the laboratory launched Novexpert with her Caramel Cream, available in light and medium shade. This tinted cream offers a instant healthy glow effect with a golden, luminous shine. From the first application, the treatment ensures smooth complexion.

A clean composition

The composition of the product also tips the scales: it is formulated with 100% natural origin100% made in France, vegan, hypoallergenic. In short, he's got everything right. As reported Novexpert, 98% of volunteers who tested the product saw a healthy glow effect from the first use. 86% noted smoother skin after 21 days of use. This complexion perfector is on sale in pharmacies, but also at Nocibé for €29.50.

The ideal in summer is to use a tinted cream which provides an instant “healthy glow” effect, or even, enhance a tan already existing. No need to apply correctors like foundation or concealer, we instead rely on natural and light formulas.

In addition to a natural tinted cream, for a radiant complexion, it is recommended to take care of your skin in summer. How ? By adopting a care routine, with regular exfoliation (about once a week), cleansing the skin with a cleansing foam, applying a moisturizing cream, or even a serum. Without forgetting, obviously, the application of sunscreen. As a bonus, it is important to drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet. By following this beauty care routine, you will give your skin a natural glow.

So, are you ready to have a perfectly tanned complexion?

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