the Live Original philosophy of Dockers –

the Live Original philosophy of Dockers –

Dockers® is launching its Style Guide as part of its “Live Original” campaign, bringing together stories of authentic people who, through their style, tell a part of their lives. With Dockers®, originality is not a question of an ephemeral trend, but a personal expression anchored in everyone's daily life.

This Style Guide illustrates how clothing can become a universal language of identity, featuring figures like Taylor Hill, Nicole Zignago, Jordan Poole and other ambassadors, whose way of dressing reflects their unique backgrounds and philosophies of life. Dockers® highlights those personalities who, through their authenticity, inspire us to embrace our own originality with confidence and elegance.

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Far from being a superficial ode to fashion, the “Live Original” Style Guide encourages us to think about what makes us unique. It demonstrates that originality is not limited to a clothing style; it is the sum of our choices, our passions and our way of interacting with the world. It is an invitation to live fully, to wear what makes us feel good, without being dictated by standards.

With this guide, Dockers® doesn't just suggest outfits; the brand offers a vision of style as a means of personal expression. It's a positive, down-to-earth reminder that fashion is all about personality, a tool to tell our story to the world, in the most authentic way possible.

In its Style Guide, Dockers® brings together an array of brand ambassadors, each reflecting a unique facet of originality, proving that style is as diverse as our life experiences.

Taylor Hill

Colorado native Taylor Hill rose through the ranks to become an established model, never losing sight of her love for practical, comfortable style. She embodies the idea that fashion should complement life, not complicate it. Her approach to style, favoring clothes we love to wear every day, is a refreshing reminder that elegance lies in simplicity.

Nicole Zignago

A Peruvian singer-songwriter, Nicole has lived all over the world, which has undeniably shaped her style. It mixes femininity, comfort and a touch of masculinity, depending on your mood. Nicole teaches us that our wardrobe can and should adapt to our state of mind, reflecting our inner self in all its complexity.

Jordan Poole

On the court, Jordan Poole is an NBA star, but off the court he embraces a laid-back style that proves comfort can coexist with style. Jordan defends an “effortless” style, an elegant simplicity that values ​​well-being beyond appearance. It is a living testimony that originality is not necessarily synonymous with complexity.

Elina Svitolina

Ukrainian tennis champion, Elina gracefully blends classic style and functionality, whether on the court or in everyday life. It strikes a balance between performance and aesthetics, reminding us that true style is the one that allows us to feel like ourselves, in any situation.

Gaël Monfils

Known for his spectacular game, French tennis player Gaël Monfils brings his charisma and classic yet distinctive style to the countryside. Gaël proves that you can stay true to your essence while renewing the classics, illustrating that originality can also mean giving new life to timeless styles.

Matthias Dandois

Flat BMX legend Matthias lives his style the same way he performs his tricks: freely. For him, originality manifests itself in freedom of movement and expression, a philosophy he applies both on his bike and through his personal style.

Johnny Salido

A professional freerider, Johnny takes an approach to style that is as much a reflection of his attitude towards life: doing what he pleases, without worrying about the expectations of others. It teaches us that authenticity is the key to truly original style.

Live Original!

The Dockers® “Live Original” campaign transcends fashion conventions to touch on something deeper: self-affirmation through the choices we make every day. The Style Guide reveals to us that beyond each outfit, there is a story, a journey, a desire to proudly display who we are. Ambassadors, with their varied backgrounds, are not just figures of speech; they are living examples of what it means to live true to your values ​​and your personality.

In this world where ease often takes precedence, choosing originality is in itself an act of courage. Dockers® encourages us to embrace our uniqueness, to let our individuality express itself freely. It's not just a question of fashion, but a question of identity.

Let our style speak for us. May our clothes reflect our unique essence and not a simple response to external expectations. With “Live Original,” Dockers® reminds us that it’s time to celebrate our own voice, loud and clear, in a world of constant change. This is what originality really looks like: an indelible personal mark on the world, made one choice at a time.

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