Prayers For Your Husband, with wife holding hands praying in church.

Prayers For Husband – How To Pray For Your Husband

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Looking for examples of prayers for husband? There are many ways that you can do this! You know your personality and his best, so choose something that feels natural and supportive of him and of your relationship. 

That could mean writing him a letter, sending him a text message, praying together with him, or praying alone. Whatever you choose to do, know that the sincerity of your words is sure to be a blessing for him in the year to come. 

Prayers For Your Husband, with wife holding hands praying in church.

Praying for your husband is such a perfect way to show your love. If you need ideas on areas you can pray for him, check out this list to get started.

Of course personal prayers are always the best, so pray about specific things happening in his life for each of the categories below.

These good morning prayers for him are great to get his day going!

Pray for His Relationship with God

Let’s start at the top and pray for the aspect of your husband’s life that sheds light on every other area: his relationship with God. If this relationship falters, other areas of his life may lack the joy and meaning that is possible when he is abiding in God. 

Pray that he will dwell in God’s love and kindness.

Pray that he will seek out the truth of God’s character in scripture, in fellowship with believers, and in his interactions with the world God created. 

Pray that he will become aware of the areas in his life that fall short of holiness and that he will embrace sanctification with gladness. 

Pray that he will embody the light of Christ and share that light with those around him. 

Pray that he will fulfill the role in the Kingdom that only he can.

Pray for His Relationship with You

Husbands are called to love their brides as Christ loved the church. Christ loves his people with a sacrificial and forgiving love that can be difficult to emulate as we walk through the chaos of daily life. 

Pray that your husband’s love for you will move ever closer to the sacrificial love Christ shows us. 

Pray that he will be open and receptive to you and your needs. 

Pray that he will love you for who you are while encouraging you to continue growing into who God would have you be. 

Pray that you would be open and receptive to him and his needs. 

Pray that you would laugh and cry and serve and grow together. 

Pray for His Relationship with Others

Your husband impacts more lives than he probably realizes! Whether it’s children, parents, siblings, friends, or co-workers, he is uniquely placed in their lives to give and receive love and encouragement. 

Pray that he would treat everyone is his path as though they are made in the image of God—because they are.

Pray that his thoughts about others would be pure, his words to others would be kind, and his actions towards others would be peaceful.

Pray that he would seek to do good to others always. 

Pray that he would represent Christ to others, whatever their situation and need. 

Pray that he would remember that all men are his neighbors and love them as himself. 

Prayer for Husbands Health

Physical health can sometimes seem like a prayer of vanity or fear, particularly when there is no active cause for concern. However, God gave us bodies in which to love and serve him and it is only right that we treat them with love and respect. 

Pray that he would truly treat his body as a sacred temple of God. 

Pray that he would find the ability to tend to his body in sustainable, loving ways. 

Pray that he would be able to move and live in ways that enable him to do good works. 

Pray that his body would be free of disease or illness that seeks to hold him back.

Pray that, in times of physical weakness or illness, he would find strength in God’s love and will. 

Pray for His Mental Health

The importance of mental health has become apparent in the last few years and its links to nearly all other areas of our health are now well-documented. Yet, it’s an area that often gets pushed to the side or ignored, especially by men. 

Pray that he will develop or maintain an awareness of his own mental state. 

Pray that he will develop and sustain habits and strategies that benefit his mental health.

Pray that he will be open with you about his struggles, rather than hiding them and leaving them to fester. 

Pray that he will seek counsel or help from professionals when needed. 

Pray that he will understand that areas of weakness do not make him unworthy or less of a man. 

Pray for His Emotional Health

Emotional intelligence is a decades-old term that seems to have recently found new life. The ability to understand and manage his emotions, as well as the emotions of others, has a profound impact on his overall quality of life. 

Pray that he will develop or maintain an awareness of how he is feeling from moment to moment. 

Pray that he will practice naming his feelings and not feel fearful of them. 

Pray that he will learn to deescalate negative emotions, such as anger. 

Pray that he will learn to lean into positive emotions, such as joy. 

Pray that he will be attentive enough to others that he understands how they are feeling and is able to interact with empathy.

Prayers for Husbands Birthday

It’s been another year around the sun with your husband. In addition to finding a great gift and hosting the perfect shindig (even if it’s for just you and him!), you want to gift him with something a bit more meaningful than it is tangible. Praying for your husband specifically as he enters another year of life is a wonderful way to show him your love. 

Prayer for Husband At Work

For many of us, our jobs provide a sense of identity. This can have both positive and negative implications, but few of us have the option to make a life without one. Learning to treat work as a good gift, rather than a necessary evil can go a long way in creating a sense of balance in work life. 

Pray that he will place the appropriate value on his role at work—no more, no less. 

Pray that he will have strong professional relationships. 

Pray that he will create and maintain order by leading when appropriate, following when appropriate, and collaborating when appropriate. 

Pray that he will develop an awareness of when he needs to cultivate contentment in his current position and when he needs to challenge himself to go in new directions. 

Pray that he will not neglect the honest work of his hands and that his diligence will be rewarded with success. 

Daily Prayers For Husband-Pray for His Personal Goals

We’re all familiar with setting goals for the calendar new year, but many people set goals around their birthday as well. The goals we set can reveal much about our character and our priorities, as well as dictate how we spend our time, energy, and other resources. 

Pray that he will set goals that are attainable and sustainable. 

Pray that he will set goals that are beneficial to his well-being. 

Pray that he will set goals that enhance his enjoyment of life and his sense of joy.

Pray that he will set goals that make him better able to serve others. 

Pray that he will set goals that do not add to his stress levels. 

Pray for His Free Time

We probably underestimate the importance of leisure time—for kids and adults! Engaging in play, even for adults, has been shown to increase our imaginations, strengthen our problem-solving skills, and provide opportunities for relationship growth and happiness. 

Pray that he will guard his free time against temptations that seek to creep in. 

Pray that he will fill his free time with things that increase joy.

Pray that he will fill his free time with things that honor his natural talents and interests. 

Pray that he will fill his free time with opportunities for building and strengthening relationships. 

Pray that he will honor the rhythms of rest that God has given him. 

Pray for His Year Ahead

This prayer is holistic as it encompasses all the areas that we’ve discussed above. But it’s important to remember that no single thing, good or bad, happens in isolation. Each area above will have an impact on the others, so it’s always important to keep the bigger picture in mind. 

Pray that he will recognize the interconnectedness of all areas of his life. 

Pray that he will be aware of what needs to be made a priority and will be flexible with himself and others. 

Pray that he will ask for help, support, and guidance when he needs it. 

Pray that he will recognize the impact of his life on others. 

Finally, as your husband moves into the next year of his life, pray that all things will work together so that he can grow even more into the truest version of who he was created to be. 

Prayer For Future Husband

Not quite married yet? You can still pray for your boyfriend or fiancé! Most of the prayers above are appropriate for those who aren’t married but still want to offer the gift of prayer and petition to their sweetheart. Adapt the ideas above for your situation and perhaps supplement with these ideas for your specific situation:

Pray that you will be diligent in seeking God’s will for your relationship. 

Pray that you will treat each other with honor as God’s fellow creations. 

Pray that you will consider the next steps in your relationship with the attention they deserve. 

Pray that you will seek godly influences and counsel as you navigate your relationship.

Pray that you will recognize the role you currently hold and not seek to go beyond it.

Praying for your husband as he embraces a new year of life is a beautiful representation of the Christ-like love that should overflow from your marriage. The suggestions above are designed to be both general enough and specific enough to guide you in developing your own prayers. 

Each marriage is different, and no two people are the same. Praying with specificity for the desires and needs that exist within your own circumstances demonstrates an attentiveness to your husband that is not only loving but also vital. Pray with love and sincerity for the husband and life that God has given you for “this is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.”

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